Electoral Politics Working Group

American democracy is fundamentally broken, and hijacked by special interests to achieve their own goals. To fight back, we believe the working class must organize below to elect socialists to public office, and push politicians to enact policies to serve the people.

Past Work

Santa Fe DSA has made immense progress in building the foundation for a working class movement independent from both major party establishments. In 2023, we elected a DSA member, Alma Castro, to Santa Fe City Council, in no small part due to the thousands of doors volunteers knocked. We achieved this despite being up against a political machine with over $80,000 raised from wealthy donors. We hope that this victory is only the first of many that will lead to a real, working class alternative to the current political system.

Our endorsement process

If you are a candidate for public office interested in our endorsement, fill out our official candidate questionnaire, and email your completed copy to [email protected]. All endorsements must be discussed and approved by membership at a general meeting.